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the bio:

LUSH co-founder Mark Constantine was having a glum winter. Cold and unhappy, he took to daydreaming about a fabulous US road trip he’d taken with friends, driving down the New Jersey Turnpike to Cape May. Listening to the playlist he’d created for this journey cheered him up and reminded him of warmer, sunnier climates, and the joy of sharing adventures with loved ones. With Simon and Garfunkel crooning “America” in the background, he flung open the doors to his fragrance cupboard and set about recreating the scent of summer! Vibrant, zesty orange, tangy tangerine and mimosa fizz recline atop sultry sandalwood for a true taste of the Sun.

what’s inside:

  • orange oil:sedative- relieves cramping, bloating, muscle spasms, and indigestion, and a feeling of happiness
  • sandalwood: soothing, anti-depressant and expectorant

Resulting in:

A happy, light feeling. You feel zesty, but relaxed as the aroma slowly floats around you. It is bright, and literally sunny. It doesn’t last very long sometimes though.


It’s a great bright fragrance that comes highly recommended. The only flaw is the lack of longevity. This can easily be fixed by dabbing some on your shirt collar or clothing as well(don’t worry, it won’t stain). It has a light to semi-heavy silage.


A (due to the longevity)


$14.95-$55.95 USD. Depending on the bottle size.


If you want to blend scents, something light and sunny. Maybe like Karma.

Available at

-Submitted by Savvied

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How to we apply to be part of the network thingy? Do we email it over? If yes what's your email?

from Anonymous

Just go to the applications page and use the box there:)

› Sign the Lush Animal Cruelty Petition: here

Click on the link above and click sign the petition to sign against animal cruelty for Lush and the Humane Society.

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